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Full Force Forehand Review

Full Force Forehand Join me, Leslie Trawler, as we settle down into the umpire's chair to examine Full Force Forehand, a tennis info product from Charles J. Taylor that was released on July 2009.

fullforceforehand.com is the website that sells Full Force Forehand, and if you click through to there you'll be able to buy it for the price of $12.99.

But what do you get for those $12.99? Well, let's get the info straight from the horse's mouth. Here's what they have to say about their product on their site:

But finally, there is a definitive guide to developing and practising the best modern forehand in the game, and it comes from years of research and study of professional tour players. These are the guys who’ve spent hours each day developing, analysing and perfecting a technique that we can finally bring to you in one complete manual.

Need more info? Well, you can read about what the product does in detail by clicking through to their site: fullforceforehand.com

All that info from their site is all good to know, but... - the real question is does it deliver on its promises? Is it backhand winner down the line or a broken string? Well, according to data from the payment processor it has a refund rate of approximately of 1.74%. Now, this data can sometimes be a little off, but still this value is shockingly low and means this is a 140mph ace serve! Almost no customers have returned the product, and that means you very probably won't be doing so either. In addition, we have looked at the vendor's site on various trust-ranking sites, and have calculated a trust rating of 3.44/5 for this site which is about averge and shouldn't be a cause for concern.

So, it's time to tally up all the ratings and come to a conclusion. Does the product hit a screaming winner down the line, or does it miss every ball in the warm-up rally? Well, taking everything into account we have given Full Force Forehand an overall rating of 3.44/5

Our Rating

This could be the product you are looking for - one that scores well over a variety of different criteria. As as alternative we suggest that you check out the top rated product in the Tennis Tuition category which is Cityville Secrets

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Product Specification

Product Name Full Force Forehand
Homepage http://www.fullforceforehand.com
Released July 2009
Author Charles J. Taylor
Standard Price $12.99
Other Name Full Force Forehand | Improve your tennis today! | US Open Special Offer, full-force-forehand
Category Tennis Tuition


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Leslie Trawler

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